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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Like a Beautiful Lake

I love my Wednesdays. I get five hours in the library! When Mr. M asked me how was I doing today, I said, 'it's like I'm hiking and come upon this beautiful lake and dive in and play with the otters, and watch the eagles soar over head and just soak it in..." Ah, sublime. Did my LLI group this morning and then had four classes come in for reading and checking out books. My first group actually broke one of the shelves, the fastener that held the shelf up got too pinched and fell out. I was not happy :(  We had a talk about how I really did not have time for this, and that the library was not a place to run! Quiet voices! Harmonica! Did I mention I brought in my old harmonica and use that as a cue to be still and be quiet? It might work! Also had to stop a class three times to be quiet today. One class came in so late with only five minutes left we just talked about library rules. And since they were late, I was able to restretch the fastener and get those books back on the shelf. Loved my little kids, we had a great book to read "The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Scared of Anything" and we got to stomp our feet, wiggle our bodies, wave our arms, clap our hands and nod our heads and say 'BOO!' at the end. They really enjoyed it! Ah, ha! Though one boy got a bloody nose because he said someone had hit him while they were checking out books. I sent him to the office and Ms. T and Mr. M showed up and helped corral my little wild things. This afternoon since the kids leave at 1:15, I got to look for books kids said they turned in (yeah!), got all of last week's books shelved. Found more fabulous books to put on display, cut out some bookmarks I laminated yesterday, answered emails, even got my break in!

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