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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Piped Out

What an honor today to get piped out of the building by our own Mr. J. I've been asking for years for him to come into the library and play, so last night I asked if he'd pipe me out today and he did. Scotland the Brave, we marched out to! If you have to go, go out with a flare! We got together just outside the main library doors and he set up his bag and off we went, right down the main hallway, in front of the office, and out the main doors. I marched ahead and Mr. J followed me and I jauntily walked away, looking at our magnificent trees, hearing the pipes and he piped me all the way to my car. I really wish I had a picture of us marching up from the front doors, but oh well! Said a ton of goodbyes today, managed not to cry all day. Most people were in absolute shock that this was it for me. I talked with my union today. They said they knew all about the 'situation' and I was just the one in the middle. I said, oh, so I was the scapegoat, and they said yep, pretty much. Worked hard today to finish up the piles of repairs I was working on. Went through some stuff still on my back desk and Mrs. H and I made decisions on a couple of books, whether to bill or not. Some we did, some we didn't. Lots of hard goodbyes, even to students. Tried to talk to the new principal today, but we never did get together. One small reprieve, I do get to take half a day Monday to help my mom relocate and start at Bush on Tuesday, so I'll get four hours at Sprague yet!

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