The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Pulled out a bunch of pots and vases from under the sink today and sent out an email to staff to come and take what they wanted. Did LLI today and had all three of my kids. Came back, got things ready to go in the library and did my three classes today in the morning. Then lunch duty a bit of time in the library to get ready for my one afternoon class. Up to Mrs. M's class and helped get ready for pumpkin math, then back down for my class. Read Zen Ghost today for the 3rd graders and they really liked it. I think it was so different they were kind of shocked. Did more Fraidy Cats for the littler kids. Back up the Mrs. M's class, helped with snack and then the kids watched the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown while they ate. Came back down and took down the two bulletin boards. Want to do one with our November authors and the other one being 'Thankful for Good Books" which I'll have the kids help me with the next two weeks. Tomorrow is a grading day, so no work for us. Back on Monday.

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