The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gummy Vampires

One of the students in Mrs. Mc's class explained his drawing to me. We were making a little packet of birthday wishes for one of the girls. I asked him if that was something she liked and he said no, it was what he liked though! Made up Word Work big manila envelopes for the kids this morning in Mrs. Mc's class and she asked me to go down and laminate, so I asked if I could also run through the five classes I had barcode cards for as well, and she said sure. So I ran through the envelopes and then the cards. Math seems to be the rule for the afternoon and I had a group except for the last round. Where did they all go? So I helped out the other stations. Maybe they just don't like me. Or what I was doing. Did the LLI work today again and did cafeteria duty. I got half an hour this morning in the library and got some of the non-fiction shelved and displayed some of the books that caught my eye. Found a book that a kid had said he turned in. There's a lot of that going around. Checked in about six classes of books, maybe? Well, there were six piles on my desk when I'd get back to the library. I've begun to sort when I check them in - Everybody books, then fiction, then non-fiction. At least I can get them that far. Managed to cut out a couple rows of barcode cards before I left today. Put away about half of the non-fiction. So much I want to do. At least tomorrow I get to have four classes come in and then all afternoon to shelve and do some things. So, turn on and log in computers when I get there tomorrow. Then off to LLI then some prep before my first class comes in. Looking forward to it!

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