The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Best moment of the day was when the DLC class came in. Some in special wheelchairs, some walking in, all of them sat around my desk. I hopped up on the desk and read them Steven Kellogg's Chicken Little book. Truly a wonderful time in the library. I also learned I was supposed to have some very easy reading books out on a table for them, so I grabbed some off of the top of the shelves I already had out, and then pulled some more. Quite the quick effort but they were so worth it! Best class of the day :) Got into reading with the LLI program this morning. For awhile I only had one student, getting things going and understanding the program is coming. Figuring out the packets and books and activities is a challenge to get it all done in an hour. This group of kids has fallen behind because of all the subs and other issues with their group leader, so hopefully I can get them back on track. Did IA work with Ms. M again today and helped her get her speakers working so the kids could hear the lesson on Christopher Columbus. Then they came down the library computer lab to work on math so at least I got to stay in the library! As I was trying to get some shelving done in the last few minutes, there was a meeting in the library to announce one of our teachers was nominated for a Crystal Apple award. That is quite the honor. I managed to sort out the books that have been returned this week, Everybody books are even sorted by author's last name, all the fiction on one shelf and all the non-fiction on another. Had one student cry today because things got crazy and he ended up not getting a book to check out. Made me sad :(

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