The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Day

Today was a strange little day. Rained outside all day. I boxed up three boxes of books to send out. Got my JLG order and reboxed it to send to LMSS. Some nice new books! Very exciting! Did a bit of quick and dirty repairs, some stripping. Had my wonderful volunteer shelve all my books for me the aides didn't do! Checked in and out books and renewed the ones kids brought to me from the slips they got handed today for overdue books. Did some emails. Checked through a $5 book catalogue from JLG. Didn't really have enough for me to order. A student got a bill, I thought it was a mistake from another school, turns out no, it was from our school and I don't know if I have the gutsyness to tell mom that yes, they do owe for books. They claim they were all turned in, but I don't think we have them. Pity. Today though, not sure if it's worth going to bat for. Got rid of all the Robin Hood books to other schools. Fixed a printer today that a teacher kept trying to print to. Had to pull it all apart to finally find a jammed piece of paper under the toner cartridge. Looked up the manual online to figure it all out! Sent another email to Boxlight to see what their tech has to say about a bulb for another teacher. I may have to buy another box of strips...we are just flying through them! Had a sub come down today who used to be one of our teacher librarians. She pitched in to shelve books and we had a bit of a chat on how sad I am that kids are not getting that great service they could be getting from them. What the kids are missing and the loss of that piece is something they won't ever recover from. 

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