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Friday, October 3, 2014

Wrestling the Wily Laminator

Finally, ran out of laminating today and had to change the machine. I've laminated lots, but have never actually changed out the rolls before, so today was the day. Oh my! Luckily I found the manual and a CD going through the steps, but man, I got so messed up! First I got the rolls on, and next thing I knew they were wrapping around the heater rolls instead of going out the back!! I freaked and reversed, but pulling the laminating out kept stopping the machined! Thank goodness it wasn't heated up all the way - I finally got the laminating all pulled out and tried again, getting it all the way through, but the rolls weren't lined up the way I wanted, so I took them off, got them better aligned, fed the sheets through and they weren't coming out the back, they were wrapping around the back roller bars!! Reverse!! And in between of course, I was helping students and staff, subs and phones, but I finally got it all set, threaded through, laminated the last of the DLC pile of stuffs and it looked beautiful. So glad I finally got the threading right, the instructions down for how to feed the rolls through the right way - that was a big relief!! Other than all the laminating I had to do, the day was pretty normal. Though I did snap at one of the students that likes to hang out in the library. I told her I had to finish up this project, and she kept interrupting me! I needed to concentrate and she finally went over to a little table and worked on homework. I did feel a bit bad but the girl loves to talk, pretty much all the time when she's in here from study hall. Dumped all the trash, found knitting needles for book repair just after I bought some! Off to the weekend!

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