The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, October 24, 2014


Today I went to go use the bathroom and there was a girl sitting on the floor crying. I went back out and brought her some tissues. Then I had her go into the back workroom and sit there since one of the counselors was in the library with a group. A teacher noticed her as he was in copying, and went in to talk with her until the counselor was done and could take her upstairs. The rest of the day was pretty quiet. Stripped books. Worked with a teacher on her projector. The service department at Boxlight gave me a few things to try, but I don't see they do any good, so I will work with technology and get it out to be serviced. And luckily, we got in the first of our replacement projectors! So I may swap them out when I have to send the other one in. Had the aides put away books. Got back my three boxes of hand wipes that were purchased to clean off the keyboards, so I had my aides clean the computer lab keyboards today. Let the lunch kids play in the computer lab. They can only play cool math games, or work on a school project. They did pretty well. Took all of our Dear America books and put them all together on one of those wooden book shelves I was leant. I'm hoping since they are on display, they may get more kids to check them out. Got in a cool cookbook and was thumbing through it with my aides, and one was  like "Stop! You're making me hungry!" I also showed them the "Dewey Decimal Rap" and she was again "Stop! Make it stop!" My aides are so funny! Got the list of OBOB books that the schools are going to use and sent that out. Little things here and there, but a very full day.

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