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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Year Ago Today...

A year ago today I started at Bush, so today I wrote to the three people who impacted me the most to help me get my feet under me to that drastic switch. I was treated very well, and with a lot of respect and I wanted them to know I remembered that. So then today I got hit with two girls letting me know I was a b***h! One in a note inside a book that her friend turned in. "Why don't you like the librarian? Because she's a b***h!" Talked to them both then talked with a few teachers to see if I should write a referral, and they both said, ah, yes. I took the referrals up and put them in Ms. B's box. On my way back, there was a girl jogging down the hall I asked her to stop at least 5 times (short hall) and she finally took two walking steps then ran up the stairs and into class. I tracked her down and as I had her walk back to where I saw she was jogging, she said loud enough for me to hear "stupid f*****g b***h" so I just marched her up to the office and she said it again on the way. I told her she had a choice, and she chose to continue to jog down the hall. When I asked her name for the referral slip she took her planner and sat on it so I couldn't see. Oh my. On the bright side I found out my leave was approved for the end of the month. Got my amazing beautiful wooden bookshelves from one of the other librarians. She brought them in this morning for displaying our books. They really are gorgeous. They won't fit under our windows though, they stick out over the edge of the top of those bookshelves, so I had to come up with a couple of different ideas. The stand alone shelves worked fine though! Checked in and out today. Got almost all the books I repaired back out on the floor today. Got class lists so tomorrow I can load them onto the AR program so the teachers can use that. So a good day, balanced with testing. 

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