The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Copier Down

Came in a bit early so I could leave for my hair appointment this afternoon and there was already a teacher in making copies who called me in to ask "Why is it saying this??" So, I looked and it said the toner waste container was full and to call for service, so I did! He called back and said he'd be in later today. Had my aides work on putting in the numbers for our math books. One of my worker kids to pay off his fine is down to a little less than half an hour to go! Good for him! Got into my CCSS cart, where the books I know that'll get used need to be covered, so I stripped books and covered them and got them out. Had a couple of subs come in and put books away. Emails in and out. Finally got my name changed to Leslie from Bush. When I would check out, the computer would say "Be aware! This is not your student!" So Mrs. H at LMSS changed that for me today. 

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