The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Lamp Done!!

Had a great day today. Finally got that lamp out of that projector!! Yeah! Used my old assembly line techniques and finally, it popped loose! Huzzah! Put in a new lamp, took it to the teacher. She was glad to see it come back and all her stuffs worked perfectly, except she still has the blue and yellow lines, but she was much happier with the set up she was used to! So I called technology and updated them, so hopefully they can figure out the lines issue. Cleaned out more stuffs, got the last of my manuals in folders. Packed up 20 each of the Realidades 2 book and workbooks for another school. Looked for a book to send to another school, but couldn't find it. Found two boxes of clasp envelopes, a box of file folders and a shredder manual and asked the office if they wanted them, they said "Yes!!" so I will send them up tomorrow. A drawer had about two + reams of colored paper, so our Instructional Coach took them for a teacher that needed them. Had an aide take up some boxes for delivery, and take the last of my file cabinets to replace one for a teacher. She had no rails to hang her files, and I only needed half a drawer, so it worked out nicely for both of us. Laminated some stuff before I left for my meeting. Attended my first Middle School Library Media Assistant Meeting today and learned a lot of great stuff. Very excited that we are getting a box of books!!! Mostly just to make sure each school has at least one copy of each of the books designated for Common Core, but I can't wait to get mine and put them out!

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