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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Book Fair

Lots of checking in and out today. More strips in books. Spent quite a bit of time with Scholastic emails today and went off tonight to one of their book fair meetings. I left half an hour early, and the meeting was two hours, so I don't mind using my own time to get some good information. Some of these people go crazy! I like it! The theme this year is "Read-a-Lot" so a nice medieval twist. Hey, I could do book shields! What a great way to do book reports! Just thought of that! I guess we did get the right laminator film, so had our office order me three more rolls. Asked for some books. Had a teacher ask for a book "My Brother Got Married" and could not find it. The teacher said "on the left, in the back!" Oh, "My Mother Got Married" ;)  Helps to figure out the right title! Had several classes in to turn in books and check out new ones. Had a student pay for a book at Bush, so sent that on today and he got to check out - I love it when that happens! Found that technology won't replace our equipment unless it is broken, so I have to figure out what's broken. I'm not sure what their definition is of broken, so I told the principal how about I drop them off the roof?? Probably not, but hey, teachers need the right equipment to teach with all the tools in their box. Will work on that during the inservice days Friday and Monday.

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