The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Started today coming in to see a pick up backed up to the school doors and a tech guy was loading my boxes into his truck! He was so sweet and explained the way it works when stuff goes to surplus, then he even emailed me later and got two of the doc cameras to work and will send them back. Score! We talked for quite a bit. Then down to the library and in the midst of students and checking out lit circle books my supervisor made it in and he stayed for over an hour. It was so cute to see him interact with kids and get them involved in conversation. Had two more classes come in today and get books. Put more strips in. Had an earthquake drill since next week it's supposed to be raining during it. So we had it today in the nice blue sky weather. Had someone bring me an extra projector while the tech was here, so he took to our science teacher who's projector we worked on last week, she was thrilled! He even took the bad projector to see if they could get it working and if it does he'll send it back :) Talked with Scholastic about the book fair today and that was good. She spent about 40 minutes with me, got some stuff ordered. Got in two boxes of books that were down at LMSS and got them on a cart today. 

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