The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Went through the first of my 100 packs of strips today so yeah! Books getting done! Decided to take the carts of the books that come in and strip them before they go back out. Since they get checked out the most, made sense to do them first. Then we got in some laminating film, but I think it was the bad stuff. I emailed Mrs. H to see what they ordered. I also got in two boxes of books that will fill our CCSS curriculum slot. They are all paperback, so need to be stripped, and covered with contact paper. Lots to do! Then I had to work with Scholastic today and our book fair scheduled for November. They had us booked for an Elementary fair! We're a Middle School! So I got that all straightened out. Not a bad catch for a first time fair person! Got through 4 shelves of stripping books on the shelves. Walked through helping some of my aides put away the non-fiction. I know it can be confusing, so we grabbed a handful of books and I went out with them to show them how it's done. Had a great volunteer come in today, and I look forward to her great work and attitude. She is amazing! Good, because we have lots to do! Did more checking in and out, less emails today (thank goodness!), corralled some phone calls and at the end, did a real clean up of the library for tonight's parent meeting. Want to make sure they come in to a great space. 

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