The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Man, I just hate it when I get called on something I thought I did right and no, I did it wrong. So, my supervisor sent me an email that I needed to get 10 or 13 digit ISBN's on my order and yes, he was right. I copied what I thought were all good numbers, but it's very easy to see that about half the numbers were less than 10. Oh my! So that gives me a chance to revamp my order a bit, which is a good thing. Checked in and out today. Monitored a bit more closely the kids that came into the library on passes today. Did some laminating. Redid a book cover. A kid brought it in missing half a barcode, and I ended up peeling off all the old cracked and bubbled laminate on the cover, redoing the barcode and spine call number, relaminating it and I must say it turned out really nice. Cleaned up my trash in my email. I had stuff in there for several years and took some time to just clean it up. I had over 1200 in there! Now I just have a year's worth. Sometimes you just need to clean. Ordered some more strips, my box is looking low! Had the aides work on numbering the math books so we don't have to look inside the cover for the barcoded anymore. Someone keeps shrinking my screen on the main floor computer - I will find out who is doing it!! I need the bigger numbers oO my poor eyes!

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