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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Projecting Frustration

The second of my filing cabinets left today, so that was good. The workroom is really looking so much better. Checked out lots more books today. Checked out nearly all of our Core math books. Had a student go through all the manuals and put them together in piles so I could give each one their own file. Even found the information on the resensitizer! Brought in the InFocus machine to a teacher and could not get it hooked up right. Her old projector had two in VGA ports, but this one only had one, so I tried a splitter and totally would work one way, but not all the way :(  I messed with that thing for an hour during lunch, then again after school and could not get it working the way we wanted it to. The doc camera worked, the DVD worked, but it wouldn't sync with the computer too. Arrgghh! I switched cords, played with settings, nothing. After the lunch time, I called technology and griped to one of the techs there that this teacher had been waiting for three weeks for someone to come and do something, and though people had been out, nothing had been done. He put her priority to number one, which was nice of him, but still couldn't tell us when someone would be out. Cleaned out my other four drawer file cabinet and will swap that with Ms. P up in the office. She needed four drawers that would all have hanging file folders. Since this cabinet I might keep, I don't really need files but on one drawer, so we will swap. Put carts away with stuff in the back. But I really need to shift more books! Mr. TG!! (Textbook Guy) get us the approval to get rid of these things! 

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