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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Full Lunch

Wow we had a lot of kids during lunch today. Not only our regular lunch group, but a whole class in using the computers, plus part of a class coming in to check out books. We were so busy! Haven't had any takers for our Moon Over Manifest books from the secondaries, so had Mr. C send out a notice to all the elementaries that they were up for grabs, and they are all now spoken for! Yeah! Got one of the file cabinets out today and in the back room there was also binders and plastic sleeves that they all took. The kids that came in to get all that were cute. Got in the rest of Core Algebra books so put barcodes on them and the teacher will come to check out tomorrow. Sent an email with all our surplus equipment to technology so hopefully that will get picked up soon! Had some teachers in looking for clickers for math, and so I sent out an email to find clickers and our assistant principal came in with a bag of them! Yeah! One of our math teachers was very happy about that. He was going to come in after school to pick it up, so I left my door partially open because I had to leave at 2:30 to go to a meeting on AV equipment at LMSS. The teachers want me to know everything about all the stuff we use! Everything from 'where is xxx?' to, 'why isn't the copier printing for me?' 'Technology is not helping me, what can you do?' I wish I had all the answers, so this was a good class for me to take. I picked up a projector for a teacher who is having a terrible time with hers while there, so I will switch it out tomorrow and hopefully get technology to fix hers or replace it. On the way home I had to go by Craft Warehouse, so I picked up some paintbrushes for book repair and then WalMart for some knitting needles also for book repair! Will turn in those receipts tomorrow.

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