The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cleaning out

Did a lot more cleaning out today. Got rid of a bunch of old binders that were just stacked up on shelves in my office. Changed out my keyboard for a new one (it was old, sticky, and half the letters worn off!). Dumped a ton of old papers. Went through a box labeled Yearbooks and got all the Leslie books out and on a shelf in my office. Cleaned off the aide desk. Had a ton of kids come in today and turn in their checked out workbooks for spanish to buy the new pretty just out of the box workbooks. Scrubbed off half my office desk. Organizing, organizing, organizing. Helped some great kids today. One gal was looking for books in spanish, and so I showed her how to look up in a search for bilingual and she got all excited to see she could get Harry Potter the Chamber of Secrets in spanish. Got books transferred to us from other schools - Algebra Connections V. 2, and some Hatchet by Paulson. Learned we hadn't sent in the sensitizer order, so yeah! Won't have to send it back. But I still need strips! A great day, lots of housecleaning done. Things looking good in the back parts of the library. Feeling like I got a lot accomplished today!

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