The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Paid Off!

I am so proud of student T, he worked for me for minimum wage to pay off his fines. Took him five times in to work to pay it off, and I got to clear his account today. I was so proud of him! I had another student last period who came in to work off his fine. He did about 30 minutes at once and did a good job! Found a library shelving website that I had my last aide work on today. I'm going to have all of them do this just to see what they know about shelving. I don't think some of them know what in the world they are doing! Laminated one little book cover today. Sent off my just about final order to my supervising librarian to approve before we have to send it in. Crazy new system, we can't put together our own orders anymore, they have to. So we submit to them, they have to gather all our stuff together and submit, makes no sense to me :(  Love to see the books I have on display disappear out the door. I love to go around the library and fill the 'holes' where a book was with a new offering! Had the LEAP program in the library this afternoon for their study hall and they did really well. Boxed up ten Moon Over Manifest to send to Sprague, then sent out an email to the secondary schools to see if any of them wanted any since our teachers haven't taken them. Found out Bush has a new Library Media Assistant finally, so I sent him an email offering my help if he needs it. Had my two third period aides decide they didn't want to be aides anymore, so I talked with one of the counselors, and we moved one out, but kept one. They really are cute, but they get so distracted by each other's company! It's hard to keep them on task! (P, M! Stop playing with the chair!) But they have a great friendship and that makes it fun, but we'll get more work done with just one at a time! Clouds out the window today, one of the LEAP groups is going to clean up the little garden area and I could see them working out there. Seems like a really great program for the kids to study, get snacks, learn something new and have a safe place to be after school. I'm glad the library is a part of that!

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