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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Perfect Day

What a great day at work! All the kids were back today, I got to check out a few books! Fabulous news! Came in and loaded paper in the printer and copier machine. A teacher came in and asked if I had her books ready, and I had sent her an email right before I left yesterday that they were here and all ready to go! She was impressed! Put together the rest of the lab/library sign up sheets. I had a bunch of the lab sign up sheets, so I just turned them over and used the other side to print up the other. Before, they had two colors (nice!) but only printed on one side, so I thought this was more efficient and a better use of paper. Turned out good! I also looked up all the 6th grade lit resources boxes I had sent away yesterday and called LMSS and gave them the numbers to delete from my inventory. Then I contacted the lady who picked them up yesterday and she said to send the extra books in the mail, so I did that. I had kids in the library this morning! One gal who will normally be at South, then a boy who also has classes at South. So nice! Then I had an aide! Yeah! I had her look for missing books. And another aide at the end of the day! He looked for missing books as well. I also had him pull books and sort them for me and he did a great job. Had a  teacher come in and needed the health books. We looked in the front textbook room, then the back. Then the staff room shelves (most of the social studies are there) and then the cookie room shelves. We went back to the back room and she looked at shelves as I poked around, and something clicked in my head from putting away a 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens yesterday, and pulled away this rolling shelf type cart and there were the Health books. I was so relieved! Checked all that out to the teacher. Emailed Mrs. H and told her about the sensitizer and she said her old school, Houck, had a 'wand' that they would pass over the books to resensitize them, so I looked that up, and there it was and about $400 less than the one I was looking at! Huzzah! I sent the link to Mr. C to ask his opinion, but I think I'll pick that one. Called and got a quote for the other one and strips, so we'll continue that tomorrow. Took my books we had gotten in over the summer and stamped them and packed them up to send to LMSS for processing. Sent some instructions to a teacher that will hopefully will print a larger size for her chart she had. Found my M drive and SASI, so that makes me happy. The computer teacher next door needed some info, I ended up just calling upstairs o get it, but now I hope I can access SASI tomorrow after technology gets me a new password. Our principal came in at the end of the day and told me that he would approve the funds for the rest of my sensitizer! I told him I loved him. That will be a big expense and I truly appreciate him stepping up to make that happen and leave my budget for books. Wow! That was unexpected and I am grateful! We have the algebra books on their way and I met with Mrs. H tonight and we traded books. I had her Book of Kells I had borrowed back in March and worked on repairing. I had finally finished it so I gave that back and she brought me in the teacher resources for the algebra books so I can give that to the teacher tomorrow. What a perfect day!

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