The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Checking Out

Lots of checking out today. Had in five classes to listen to my little library spiel and then set them loose to look for books. Checked out over 100 library books today and about 40 textbooks. Had a few kids very disappointed that I wouldn't check out to them because they still had books out from last year. A lot said 'yeah, I have that at home.' So I told them I'd hold the books for them and if they brought them back tomorrow, they could check out. Covered the last of the summer book order so I could put more new books on the rack, it was getting pretty empty and started my new book order list for the 19th. Got in some Algebra books so the teacher finally has her materials and a student book. More books to come! Had a bunch of study hall kids come in and told them they needed to sign in. Did more checking on the resensitizer wand, sent off some Spanish math books and 80 The Giver books as well. A couple of books that ended up here and needed to go back home, sent those off as well. Had some kids pop in during lunch, and I told them 'Not until Monday!' and sent them back. Glad to see their excitement. A busy good day.

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