The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Had my aide start to work on putting barcodes on the graphing calculators that came in this summer and I finished them up this afternoon. Cleaned out more stuff from drawers. Pens that no longer write, tons of paper. A stack ten inches high of spiral notebooks that were in a drawer. Cards, other paper. Still astounds me how much stuff is in all these drawers. I think I can clean out most of the four drawer cabinets and see if anyone wants them. I'll probably keep the little two drawer one, maybe, maybe not! A few of my aide completed their training today so I assigned them shelves that are their area, their pride and joy to keep pretty and in shape! I have a volunteer coming tomorrow and will have him get a list of all the titles in the back. Had one aide work on marking out the library stuff on the books I withdrew. Did some laminating. Need to bring in some sheer curtains for behind my inspirational quotes on the window. Just so they stand out better. Had one of my favorite techs stop by today and gave him a big hug, so good to see him. Showed him my hoard of cables and splitters and other things I have in the back. He was impressed! Was raining at one point so hard today I actually heard it on the roof and we could see it bouncing off the top of the buses that had just pulled in to pick up kids. That's loud! 

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