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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

No More Textbooks!

 What a beautiful way to start the day. Opened up my windows to this gorgeous view this morning.
 After a long hard day, no more textbooks on top of library shelves!! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!
Now here is the library from when you walk in the main doors. What a great day. Got all the textbooks taken out. Some in boxes in that back room, others just on a cart for now, and yes, one big stack on the floor in the back. My last period aide got all the 900 and 800's books shifted all the way over so I only had to shift a few shelves to get the three crates of books onto the shelves as well. I was so happy!! Spent time making sure I had books out on display for all the shelves and put other books on our new book rack since most of them have been checked out. There is a parent night in the library tonight, so I couldn't leave until I had the library nearly perfect. Don't read the 796 shelves though, but as I looked, they are a mess! Checked out a ton of people today. Library books as well as textbooks(math!). But I'm feeling great about all the changes I've made and extremely happy! Queue the song... Cause I'm happy...!

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