The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, September 12, 2014

How Can it Not Be Good?

A great week! No jury duty! Did the fund raising dinner at the school last night and then Open House! 50% of my aides came to see me (ok, so I only had four..) Cleaned off two piles of books off the main workroom island. That made me very happy! Got all the Algebra Connections books transferred to me. Got in the quote from Junior Library Guild and found out that we have a Junior Library Guild fund at Leslie! Wowsa! Yes, use that one to pay for it!! WoooHooo! Put in barcodes that were missing, checked in lost copies, I even got to do some repairs today! Super great! Did some laminating since I forgot yesterday (opps!). Checked in and out books today. Got another aide, so I have five aides now. I still have the last two periods free, but that's all right. I enjoy the end of the day quiet. Dumped all the trash out of the library tonight. It helps out our custodial staff. Found coupons for our Books Are Fun. I had enough coupons from 2008 to get 14 books! Ha! I had to laugh when I saw how many there were! I don't think they will honor them all, but the stash cracked me up! Weekend ahead! A great week behind! Truly love my job!

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