The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Smoke Smuggered Sky

Today the sky was all filled with smoke from a wildfire east of Portland. Couldn't see the mountains or even the far off hills. After A lunch, the library was filled with the smell, and I could even smell it, which means it must be bad. Took in my German stuffs today since yesterday ended our annual Mt. Angel Oktoberfest, and put up a bunch of German related books. Wore my dirndl, brought in the Germany trip albums, the flag, and some books from the old Sprague German program. A few people commented, but that was all right. One of the staff came in and looked through the pictures, a few kids looked at the books. One kid even checked out a book I had on display. Worked with our third period aide today to make sure he was shelving right. Worked on the book order due by the end of the month a lot today, with our new spreadsheet. Tracking down all the information is quite the adventure! Had a brief classified meeting today, and turned in paperwork for a class during our inservice day. Now out into the smoke, yuck. Hopefully it will be gone tomorrow.

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