The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Back In

Had a great weekend up in Seattle with my granddaughters, but back in to work today. Lots of emails. Books coming in with holds on them for the students that requested. Helped a lot of kids today with finding books. Cleaned out one of the four drawer filing cabinets and put it up for grabs, and it was taken. Another teacher wanted one so I told her I was nearly done with the other, so she could have it when I was done. Sent a bunch of cyberbullying  stuff to one of the counselors. Just dumped a ton of stuff. When that cabinet goes, I'll move the little two drawer over to that spot. Another teacher today needed book pockets, so since I had two boxes of them, I let her take one of them. Boxed up 50 of the Algebra Connections books to Stephens since they are just sitting on a cart. I asked the teacher if I could and she said yes. Got another recommendation for a sub for me, so put printed out the sub list and highlighted the three people I'd be most likely to call. Tried to put our resensitizer on the file cabinet and it made the most horrendous noise! The vibrations from the machine were amazing! So, ah, no! Put it on my back counter. Found a bunch of bulbs from the projectors that we are surplusing, so I put them in my closet in my office, locking them up. Amazing what I'm still finding! A teacher came in looking for some clickers for his class, and I thought they were maybe one thing, but those were stopwatches. So he'll look in the science department, he heard they may have some. A good day, enjoyed my aides as they worked over their shelves. Spent some time on our 736-746 books. They were really a mess. Just something I wanted to do myself. My first period aide was surprised at how many books were in the wrong places! Good for him!

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