The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sensitizer FOUND!!!

Today I was in the back back textbook room putting away some calculators, and I thought to look in this file cabinet, and there, in the bottom drawer, was sitting our old sensitizer!! I couldn't believe it!! That no one else had found it!! I pulled it out and plugged it in, and it seems to be working! I just saved the district $1230!! I am so excited! Did my mandatory training today and passed and sent that on to our office manager. Got in new Spanish workbooks for both years. Got a cart of Algebra Connections V2 put away in a back room. One more cart to go. Cleaned off most of the 'problems' cart in the workroom. Checked out just a few books today. Most of the classes were shortened because we had our big assembly in first period today for the magazine and cookie sale. I was so proud of my one student, he only needs to work for me one more day to pay off his fine! Another student says she'll come in tomorrow to work off her fine, and I hope she does. I love it when they take responsibility and work it off when nothing else is an option. A great day, I love being here! So much to do still, but things are shaping up!

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