The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


A quieter day today. Put together an order for new spanish workbooks. Had a girl pay for a lost book. Had classes in the lab today and worked on some that couldn't get internet access. I think I solved it for three of them. Checked out books to a class. Had one student come in to work off his fines during lunch today. Seems sometimes I just spin my wheels and yet, the day passes by. Got to talk to a quite a few students today about 9-11. What I was doing, the impact on our lives. They really enjoyed the display I made and several asked to check out the books, so I told them could tomorrow. Had to send 50 Algebra books back to Judson, so I helped the assistant there load them into her car, she was in a cast! Poor thing! Found a discard consideration spreadsheet on the U: drive, so added to that and let Mr. C know about it. Checked out books, worked with my aides. Had a big mess in the back room unpacking boxes of Algebra books. Crazy! Open House tonight, so I'll go, not sure if I should or not, but I do have students so I think I should stay at least in case one of them shows up with parents!

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