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Monday, October 6, 2014

Strips In!!

Was so excited to hear my Tattle Tale strips were in! More excited when the office got them checked in and they came downstairs! Wo0t!! I grabbed the first shelf of "A" fiction books and stripped them all (except the ones already stripped - and ran those through the resensitizer) and I was so happy!!  Checked out more books today, had a bit of conversation with a student (hey, come here. You know, this is kind of like a job. If no one was watching me, and I just did nothing, do you think I'd have a job? 'No.' Well, this is your chance to work on things, to figure out who you are and part of that is putting in the work. 'You can't tell me to do anything, that's for my teacher to do!' Well, I am a staff member and just wanted to run that information by you. What you do with that, is up to you.) Helped kids with saving papers onto flash drives today. One gal had a drive that was too big to get into the area of the USB port, so I used mine, and took it over to my computer, dragged it to my desktop, then put it onto her drive. Had another kid need to make a google doc, so my first period aide helped me get that done. Put calculators in the big file cabinet in the back, back textbook room. Had another aide pile old Lit books onto the table in the back. I actually did some shelving today just to see how my aides were doing. Not bad. Got a Kudos! bar from the teacher I had been helping with to get her projector working. She's decided she just needs a new one and probably rightly so! Did a few repairs on some Core Algebra books. Just grinded through emails. Came in a bit early today so I could volunteer and help out at the track meet this afternoon. Cross Country with four different schools. I took one of the corners and really enjoyed it (though it was hot!! luckily I had a tree!) and encouraged the kids on and up the right way. Another great day in the library and outside!

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