The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, March 28, 2016

And We're Back!

A busy first day back in the library. I had to pay for a couple of items by staff since they hadn't gotten to me yet and they gave me checks later in the day to cover it. I rushed around getting the Scholastic stuff done, but hadn't quite closed everything out and the lady came to pick it up! I had just gotten an email saying it would be tomorrow! Oh well! I got it all packed up and realized after it left, that I still had the envelope and charge slips on my desk, so had to get the address and mail that off after work today. Glad I went by the Post Office, it was a bit of an extra charge since the envelope was so thick (I had placed the original envelope from Scholastic inside). Checked out two classes of math books and lots of books came in and out today. Took all the rest of the money to the bookkeeper to put in the safe. Our best fair yet! $1600! I was a bit surprised. Worked this afternoon with a student who needed to pay off his lost book having him find me missing items off the inventory and he did a great job. Spent all afternoon working for me and got it all paid. Down to just about 151 math items still to find! Not bad! Started to work on my next windowboard, a map up, then books on the table with string to show what country they're about! Where will your book take you?? I'm excited!!

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