The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Longest Day

And tomorrow too! A regular school day with another half day tacked on for conferences. It was crazy busy in the library. Lots of kids in, testing in the computer lab, checking in and out books. A whirlwind day with lots of voting for Ms. N! She will win the books! Probably! She had some very determined students coming in voting all day. After the students left, I ended up pulling out the car trunk size mass of wire and cables in my office cabinet and sorting them all, coiling, and putting them in boxes or bags by type. I was so ashamed a week or so ago when one of our techs asked for a certain cable and I just dragged out this mess and he sorted through until he found what he needed. Now everything is neat and nice! It looks really good in there. Had more book fair sales today and tonight. Finished up numbering the rest of the math books! Can't believe they are finally all done and on the shelves. Over 5,000 of them I think it was! Got all the books checked in and a lot of lost books came in. One more 12 hour day to go! Then off for 10 days! Huzzah!

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