The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Isn't she lovely? Our school from the street! A beautiful afternoon to take a picture of our book fair sign with it! I have always brought it in when I left, but decided to see if it would help business if I left it up all night for people to see to remind them. I came in early to get the sign out and put out the carts and books. Got signs out then went back in the library to notice that the lovely college class must have decided to help me out by putting all the tables back that I had moved the day before! Luckily a teacher came in to make copies and helped me move them back! Then I had to pull out the carts from our spare room, and start putting all the books on the two tables I had for the extras. I almost got it all done before the students came down, so I was moving! Had sales today, yeah! And got back the $60 I had put in from my own account to get change going. Got all the rest of the new books out today. Pulled more of the mental illness books for our health teacher. Laminated the volcano movie posters the kids did for Mr. M (dinosaurs vs. volcanos - volcano wins - you can bet your Jurassic on it...)

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