The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Crossing Out

Spent a lot of today crossing out all the Leslie stamps from the books I withdrew. I had a whole large three tier cart and then another shelf on a little one to take up to the teacher's lounge and leave there for them to look over and take for their classrooms. I think a lot of the books won't get taken, but some might. Then I'll put them out for the students. I had to demagnetize all of them too! Sent out an email on that. Had the counselors come from South High School to start getting the 8th graders ready to start high school next year. They were in the library all day. I think I could do their speech by heart.  I only had one class come in to get books and I shushed them all out, telling them to come in a bit at a time and quietly so the counselors could do their talk. They had started to come in very, very noisy! Started to prep the new books I got in. Putting strips in the hardbacks. Did a bit of laminating of book marks someone got from Powell's. All what to read....  kind of ones. Checked in all the old math books and they are in very sad shape. I should do something with them, just not sure what. Had the fire alarm go off about 3pm, so we all had to leave the building. It was a malfunction of some kind.

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