The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, February 29, 2016


I got out the testing schedule today and started to plug in the teachers on their block of time. There were a few conflicts, so I let the two coordinators know what I found. They are still working on it I heard and had to do some readjusting since we were supposed to start today, but there was a conflict with the counselor's from South coming to do their 8th grade presentations and getting ready to move into 9th grade next year. So we'll see! I made up my Dr. Seuss windowboard today and when I got my Seuss books back, put them all out on display for the rest of the week. Deleted all the rest of the fiction books I pulled. Two whole 4 shelf carts. They are all ready to get crossed out and demagnetized. Started my aides doing that today, then went back over their work - glad I did! These books will all go in the teacher's lounge upstairs and they get first pick, then I'll bring them down for the kids to pick the books they'd like. Then they will finally go to surplus. Had a meeting today after school on the testing environment that will start on Wednesday. Even though I won't test, nor be in the library computer lab, I guess I am still technically 'in the room' so it was thought I should go to a training, just to be on the safe side. I sent out an email today letting people know not to send students down tomorrow because of the South presentation, then we will have to do another on the rules for library use after testing starts. We close it off pretty good, but still will need to make sure students are very quiet and respectful when they come in. We will make it work!

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