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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Science Expo!!

The library became a hall of science! It was so exciting! I actually took down all the books on the top of the shelves and ran a report of books with the keyword 'science' and put those up. Made my word for the day 'experiment'. I was all set to go! The students started coming in all morning to get their displays ready and finish up! So amazing to see these incredible students learning and testing out their world and ideas! Fabulous! We had not only some of our staff in to look at things, but also four professors from Willamette University to help critique! I even got a tour through a presentation by a student on how he worked on making current from zinc washers and aluminum foil! Impressive!  I finished up weeding the 800's this morning and so the non-fiction for the year is done. I also took a look at the shelves there and decided to condense down the books and have only two shelves along that side because we have so many books on their sides since the shelves are short. I got one done this morning and it looks so much better. I have students all the time going over there and hitting the books and making the shelves a mess, I'm straightening them up every other day or so. Then we have a bunch of books that are amazing, but because they are turned on their side, you can't see them, so this will help.  While the Expo was on, I took my aides into the back and we shifted some math books and I worked on resetting the shelves for our boxes of Language Arts units. Checked out three class lists of math books today and a class set for a science teacher. I came away from the day so energized to see what our students are capable of!

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