The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I was sad that a group of students came in and decided it was a fun laugh to pull up Google images of girls in very brief bikinis on my library search computers. I saw the screen, looked up and one fellow was standing there giggling and I pointed "YOU!!" Had him come over and sit until our security person could come and get him, which was pretty quickly. Had another student today supposedly to check out a book come in with a group, go into the lab and start you tubing a song that was totally inappropriate, something about 100 somethings (inappropriate) doing something (inappropriate). Is it because it's spring? There is so much access that they have no sense of boundaries?? Is is just because they are boys??? Argh. Just about ruined my days :(  But, I did get all the new books stripped and covered and due slipped and out on the rack. Got the rest of the 'Say it with Symbols' barcoded and numbered and they are all done. Just the 'What do you Expect's' are the last set and I had done some before, so they should be a pretty quick fix. Ran the OBOB club today, but pretty disappointed. Only had three of the students show up today. I may just go ahead and cancel, even though these kids are passionate book readers, it's hard to justify keeping the library closed for just 2 students one lunch and one student the other. I have a meeting tomorrow, so I'll talk about it then when we have our OBOB meeting after the Library Assistant meeting.

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