The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Three Aides Shy

Had half my aides gone today which was a bit surprising. Got the rest of the 800's moved. Now instead of three rows with lots of books on their sides, I now have two rows with them all standing up. A few of the bigger ones on the holding shelves below where they can just lay flat. I'm really happy with it. Shelved all the 900's today since a teacher brought back a ton and cleaned up the 921's a lot and some of the 940's too. Monitored more science students today. Destroyed copies (ok, just their identifying barcodes) of Roll of Thunder because they are off to another school. Sent some audio books to another school. Found another student looking at inappropriate images and let admin know what happened. It really shook me up. Set up the computer cart for the class tonight. One of those days it seems like not a lot got done. The students spread out their check outs/ins just enough that you'd be off to do one thing and then one would come, try to go back to it, another would come. Did some laminating for the DLC since I totally forgot yesterday afternoon! Off to bookclub!

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