The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Science Guys

We are having our first annual Science Expo tomorrow, so I took down the Oregon books and put up science fair books and Mr. M brought in a bunch of sciency things for me to use! Doesn't it look awesome?? Helped students work on documents, putting on flash drives, formatting. Monitored the other science students as they worked today from Mr. H's class. Checked out four classes of math books, five classes switching out reading books. Talked to one of our techs about setting up the library computer lab for the Smarter Balance testing that will start in April. We put up tables and add ten extra computers for down here. Of course, added copy paper to the copier. Mr. G came in about his projector, but I don't have the new ones yet so he has to content himself with one of the spare ones. Mr. M had a fabulous poster made, and I wanted to hang it, but we can't. So he suggested an easel, and we have one in the back room, so I got it out and this pegboard I have in the back room is the perfect size to tape the poster onto. It does look fabulous! Sent out notices for the extra audio books I have. Covered two wonderful Marvel Wizard of Oz books and got them put out. Stamped and prepped 25 books and 8 audio books to go to LMSS for processing and typed up the accompanying title list sheet. Printed up the packing slip to go on the box and took it upstairs. Shipped out six books back to their homes. Got the computer cart ready for the class tonight. Can't wait for the expo tomorrow! Our students so deserve this showcase!

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