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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

More New Books!!!

Love it when new books come in! Three boxes today!! One from Permabound, one from the pick I did at our book give-away back before Thanksgiving and books from back in November! So happy to see them come in! Sorting, putting strips in, putting in the date due slips (New 2-2016), putting them out on the rack! Starting to cover! Squeeeee!! Love them!! Worked a bit on repairs today as well. Cleaned up, rebarcoded and laminated covers to make them look new again. Laminated some other things for other teachers as well. Fielded emails, took phone calls. Had to ask how to log out of the new copier since they loaded in all the employee numbers and you can only get in with your code! They have a login/out button, but it's only for the techs?!?! Hopefully that will slow down the drain on our paper. I think we've gone through nearly 5 boxes in the last month without codes. Seems like it anyways! Found the missing 'Say it with Symbols' books. It was in the 'What do you Expect' pile, our last pile of the math books, of course! Had a student work off half an hour of fines working on stamping the books. Two of my aides checked out 4 classes of math books to Mrs. K's classes today. Two other aides I told to break down boxes and take them outside to the cardboard recycler and I'm not sure what they did, just stepped on the boxes?? They left a strange mess back there! So I cleaned it up. Best kudo ever!! Mrs. S brought me in a whole bag of mint chocolate candies! The really good square individually wrapped ones! Though I didn't need them to feel super happy this afternoon with my new books! Decided to not put the Pete the Cat covers on the new books, less bulk. Can't wait for our DLC students to see them! Had a question on one of my new books from the office, Unslut. I'll read it, but it's about a middle school student who was labeled a 'slut' and how she coped with that and how it affected her, years beyond. She kept a diary, and then added thoughts on the sidebars about later perceptions. I really do need to read it before I put it out, but I think our students need to have it. On my nightstand at home! Have to finish another one first! A great day!!

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