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Friday, February 12, 2016

Oregon's Birthday

It's this weekend! Oregon became a state on February 14, 1859, so I pulled a great selection of Oregon books for the students to see this morning before school. Got set up to check out books for Mr. C and he totally forgot to bring his class in! So, I was then ready for 6th period, and he totally forgot again! So we will do that on Tuesday. A sub was in 118 and was having trouble with his document camera, so I went down, then had to get back. Did some research on it to find that the orange light meant he needed to switch off the TV mode, but on the next passing period, he had figured that out and had it all working great. Something to remember for next time! Scheduled the library for an 8th grade AVID talk. Packaged up 5 books to head back to their schools in the mail. Got in our new document cameras and they took the Waldo ones back and apologized for the mix up. I ended up having to go to Mr. S's room to pull the one from there and then give him back his old one. Called LMSS to get the list of new DVDV's they have gotten in just this year and then was able to send that out to all our teachers. Did some repairs and got some more books out from my repair pile. Helped a student and their aide with some research on Native Americans. Had an IA who needed to find a book on the Rajneesh from Eastern Oregon! Boy, I remember that whole interesting time! Had to send to another school, but we found one! Found a missing book on immigration and then started some research on getting some more immigration books for our school since we have so few. Found a couple of really nice interactive books on immigration - sweet! Had a girl come in to the library, she needed a book, checked out a History Alive book. Then I found her in the hall. Then she came back with two more girls and she checked back in the book she had just checked out. Then I found her down by the cafeteria with those same two girls. Then she was with another group of girls. Then she came in the library about 15 minutes later saying she needed to use the computers to work on a project with the first two girls and I sent them all away. She remarked as I shooed them out "If I get an F it's all your fault!" Really. Got all the books shelved this afternoon before we left. Took out all the trash. Made sure computers were completely off for the three days, and monitors and put away all the headphones still out. Glad to be headed into a three day weekend!

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