The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, February 8, 2016


I started today with checking in all the books that Mrs. S brought in late on Friday. More than 2/3rds of them were 'lost' books and I'll bet the students they were attached to will be glad! Checked out a set of math books to a class of Mrs. T's. Checked in and out books all day. Had Mrs. S's classes in the computer lab all day. Got all "Say it with Symbols" math books done that I have and one more set to go and all those thousands will be done! Had an aide finish going through the Lit books in the back and write them up, then I'll have her make an excel sheet for them to send to other schools. Had to make a new attendance sheet for our South students today. Started in on some repairs at the end of the day and set up the computer cart for the class in the library tonight. I had a student who decided, I'm not quite sure why, that she needed to hand laminate a book cover and then staple it onto the book?!? Interesting...there was quite a bit of talk about those math books I'm missing, but at the same time I'm like 'so, you didn't bring us in early to work on these, and we've had to work on them in amongst the rest of all the things we do and now there's a problem that might have been found early on had we had the time to get them cranked out before school started'. So, I don't feel bad. Mostly. Got to take a lovely brief walk around the building in our lovely gorgeous weather we had here today. Saw the kids out in our community garden getting some instruction from the SKEF person in charge of our garden out the library windows. Great to see the kids out there learning about the garden! Took down my books on Native Americans and put up books about immigration since that's the next unit for some of the Language Arts students and they even checked some out today!

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