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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Shifting Shelves

Since I haven't gotten much of a response to off load some of my books for other schools, I decided today to start shifting shelves in the back. I had one of our students start the process, then I continued it this afternoon. I doubled up the books that had 20 or more copies since the shelves can easily hold two rows and that is saving me so much space! I'm excited! I will have all the lit sets all on the two main rows rather than on the rows plus two other bookshelves in the back. That is a huge storage savings! I might even get some of the older English books up there too! That would be lovely! Worked repairs today. Checked out the ones I glued the other day, had to cover some, had to cloth tape corners and edges and spine ends of others. It takes time but ends up looking really nice. Had two classes in today to check out math books and four to check in and out reading books. So it was pretty busy down there. Laminated after school for three teachers and redid book covers for some of the books otherwise ready to go back out on the shelves. A great day in the neighborhood! 

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