The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Three for Three

Again! Only three aides! My one aide that came to me because of a broken arm went back to PE! Ha! Then two more were out sick today! So it was pretty quiet in the library today! Finished pulling my fiction books to weed and let my supervisor know. Checked out all my Dr. Seuss books to a teacher for Monday, but insisted they be back since Wednesday is Read Across America day! Very excited about that. Started working on a windowboard to highlight the good doctor and remembered I had some clings in the back room of Seussian characters, so I ended up cleaning out the drawer those were in as well. I found a ton of really old stuff they had used to decorate and ended up throwing out a lot of it. And what's up with the Rugrat clings?? She had a bunch of those! I had a great aide last year that made me a Lorax for my windowboard, but alas, she's up in Portland now. She really did a great job! I will have to figure it out on my own this year. I did send out an email to all the staff to be sure and make reading a part of the day on Wednesday. I may put out some coloring things for students! And testing is starting. Not sure what we're going to do with that around the library. I am taking a mandatory training on Monday to be in the 'test' environment. Probably just safer that way. So, a lot of things will change, probably the noise level most of all! Got in some new books today! Huzzah!! My PO for my last book order went out! Huzzah again! My supervising Librarian came by to check out my weeded books and we had a long talk. Weeding, changes in how we do some things. He loves being in the middle schools and was there for a good hour. We talked books, shelving, changing roles. A good chat. But I needed him to go so I could shut everything down for the weekend! And he did! Computers off, monitors off, trash out, window blinds down. Rearranged the copy room a little. Put the table with the scantron and paper cutter over by the secure recycle bin and the big rack of poster paper over against the bookshelves. We don't use that often and now the room is more open. Good call. Busy day, see you on Monday!

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