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Friday, February 19, 2016


I am so happy with the way all my shifting shelves happened today! I got all the lit sets done and instead of two whole rows and two other bookshelves we are down to one and a half rows! Then I was able to get all our old Prentice Hall lit books onto a set of shelves and we still have room! That makes me extremely happy! I moved the two wooden bookcases over so they are on the ends of the steel shelves. Not sure if I'll keep them there or not, but we'll see. Moved the computer table over to where one of the bookshelves was and things are really looking nice! There is some room for more lit books and I'll shift some of those larger sets so there are two rows on a shelf instead of one and that'll really get things happy! Got some more books out on the floor from my repair pile. Was so happy to get my graphic novels in!! I had ordered some and couldn't get them because on the book it said 16 +. So the high school took them and ordered me in some others and I was particularly happy to get in the new Maximum Ride manga #9! One was already checked out today, and I didn't even get them out until 5th period! My fabulous aides got all the books shelved today, so after school got out I just needed to dump all the garbage, turn off all the computers, monitors and put away headphones. Close the blinds. Cleaned up my desk from repair detritus. Searched for a book that a parent called about with the books I still had in the library. Sent out an email when I didn't find it, and it was found at the end of the day in one of the Social Studies teacher's room. Glad that was found! Had a student turn in a book that had pages torn like it had gotten shut in a locker or something. He claimed that he had checked it out that way, and I was like, 'ah, no. I would have taken it and told you to get another copy.' He finally accepted that. It's unrepairable for what it's worth. Signed up the PD class on the 4th.  A good day, a bit chaotic with the computer lab in use all day. Three classes coming in to check out books. Lots of students getting ready for the science expo here Tuesday. Glad all is done though and I get to see granddaughters tonight! 

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