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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Knitting Needles and Glue

Did quite a few repairs today and got to use one of my favorite tricks a lot. When the heavy paper on the boards begins to separate from the hinges, you can take a knitting needle, dip it in glue and run it down in between and set it to dry and it will fix that hinge nicely! Love to do that! Also got some covers redone and ready to laminate. Talked to our two teachers doing immigration stuffs, and they can't teach from the Breaking Through book I got in for them :(  I did know somewhere in the back of my brain that we really weren't supposed to do class sets anymore, but I totally didn't think about it. So now the kids have to choose a book that has something to do with immigration (I've already checked out every one of our books with immigration for a subject) or oppression or something like that so they were told that Hunger Games would be a good choice. Aiii! All righty then! I'll have to email them and come up with a list. Since my B&T order hasn't gone in yet, I added in some other books (yes, with some immigration books!!) and sent it in. I want to spend the entire rest of my order. My order came to about $1363, and I have $1028.xx left, so I had them cap it at $1028. There are always books that they don't have, or books that are on back order, so it'll work out. I also wanted to work on some of our series books. Some of the authors (like the Misses' Hunter) have so many, so I worked on better ways to identify the books. So I thought of using the series title, like say, Dawn of the Clans, and instead of just the numbers 1,2,3, etc, putting DotC 1, DotC 2 and so on. I tried a few and it does look pretty nice. I had another book that was a sequel to a book and put on 'Sequel to XX' and put it on. They look pretty good. I also did some more books on my replacement list. Like Twilight. It will be around for a long time and we only have one battered copy. So I will get two Permabound copies so I won't have to keep repairing some of these older, but much loved books. Checked out science book C to Mr. C's class 1st period, then had my aides list check out for his 6th period class. We had some of the counselors in from South High School to do an AVID presentation for the 8th graders today, so I had to get out the projector and get that all up and running around 2 this afternoon. These students have a wonderful opportunity with this program and I hope they take advantage of it.

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