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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Check it Out

Today was a true check out day. We checked out seven classes of math books, two classes getting new reading books. Checked in all the returns. Crazy day! My aides did a lot of shelving for me and my one sixth period aide is marvelous and finished off everything else that had come in after the other aides were gone! Got in a new box of books from Scholastic. Worked on my article for the March newsletter. Mostly about Scholastic and I think I'll go ahead and do a raffle for the new preview books to give away. Decided to take down the OBOB bulletin board I made since I've decided we're not going to do it this year since there's so little interest. Moved a table in our back textbook room out into the library and put in the back the half table we had out there coupled with another table so they are the same! I did not like the regular table coupled with the half table, it was higher, and they just didn't go together! My aide finished off the book list to send out and got some feedback on that already. Asked the other middle schools who has gone to genre's and who hasn't and how they've labeled them. So far, two have, two haven't. I'm still on the fence! I don't know if I'd be the reader I am if I just stuck with a genre! But browsing the shelves, I would come across a "Oh, that looks interesting..." and then read it. Maybe the genre thing here is hyped and not that many have really done it. Possible! Suggested a book series to a student and he took it for a spin and really likes it! I love it when that happens! I haven't read it, but one of the IA's loves it and I had just gotten in the second book (had the first and third! Go figure!). Got my Baker and Taylor order finalized and hopefully it will go in today or early tomorrow! Thank you my supervising librarian! Did pull out some more immigrant books to go along with the immigration unit, found 19 more! So I put those in bookends on a shelf by my office. A busy day!

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