The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Beast Mode Library Media Assistant

I am super honored to be the recipient of Leslie Middle Schools 'Beast Mode' staff award! I've gotten kudos before, but we have four special awards that really speak to someone who has gone way beyond the effort and today I received the Beast Mode award! Ms. N announced that she was so very grateful that I helped get her students books from all over the district as they were doing their non-fiction research reports. I had to contact a ton of schools, get the books in, then back up to her so they could do their report. It was a fantastic collaboration between her students, herself, the other Library Media Assistants who made sure they got books in the mail to me. Wow! I was so surprised and not expecting that at all! Back to the rest of the day! Got some more of the new books checked out today and checked out two classes of math books. Checked our projectors to see who was running and who wasn't that were piling up in my office. Helped carry tables for our tech to get our extra laptops hooked up for testing. Had two classes in to check out new library books. A teacher got an emergency call and so they put the study hall class in the library for a period today until the teacher got back. Covered new books. Tried to figure out what to do with the preview books I got from Scholastic. Raffle? For a teacher's room? Not sure yet what I'll do. The carts should arrive tomorrow and the sale starts on Thursday. Now I just need to be on the lookout for who I want to honor with 'Beast Mode' for the next staff meeting!

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