The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Absolutely loved the atmosphere in the library during 6th period today. Some students working with IA's, some working in groups. A few students in getting books or checking out the book fair. It was just about perfect! We had three classes come in to look at the book fair today and they checked in and out a few books as well. Had three classes in the computer lab testing. I helped a bit this morning (remotely turning on the computers and logging them into the test site) and when the other lab wouldn't come up very quickly I mentioned that no one was in the library lab at the moment and the class ended up coming into there. Worked more on numbering math books, only one stack to go! Sent off some books to two schools. Gathered together one of each of the different textbooks we have to send to the pass room so students can work on their assignments even if they don't have their own book. ;)  Put away all the books that go on shelves behind where the techs put the extra computers. I had to pull out the tables very carefully, then scoot over to each section. I was glad to get that done. Made some more book fair sales today and had our rep come and see how things were going. I am missing books. I think they have gone walkabout! I hope they come home!

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