The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Racking Up

We had a lot of sales today and biggest surprise of all was that a couple of students had their own debit/credit cards to use to buy! Had students in after school as well to purchase books with parents and money in tow! Had Mrs. V come in with two classes to look at the fair and she is now way ahead in the voting for who gets the new books! Had three classes in today to practice testing and a ton of students in working on other things as well. A very busy day. Ms. R came in and loved almost all the books I pulled for her mental health unit and only took out 5 of what I had ready for her to look at. Had my aides take the cart to her. Had other aides finish up the last of the math books putting barcodes on them, so I started to number the ends. That is the last bunch so those will be done by the time we leave for spring break! Printed out my self evaluation from last year since I have to work on my new one for this year. Needed to remember what I said! Did some book numbering and looking up books to clean up some series. Had a Tamora Pierce series, that I thought, if I number these, maybe more students will read them. Had another series with nine books in it but we only have seven. The Amulet graphic novels just came out with the seventh one. Helped out one of the techs in the building today. Got him a bulb and a projector for a teacher. We noticed our phones in the library are kind of doing some wierd things. If the phone rings out at the main desk or my office, it also rings in the Instructional Coach's office! Too funny! I am tired and ready for the weekend - only four days next week with two 12 hour ones!

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