The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Till 2:30

Had to leave early today to take my mom to an appointment. Hung my big book fair sign up on my way in. Ended up helping get things ready for testing a time or two. Got window blinds open, book fair terminal set, computers on. Had a very slow day. Worked here and there on numbering the last of the math books. I did that during the testing so I could keep an eye on the individual students who were in using the library. Did a survey. Sent off some Code Talker books to Crossler. Checked in and out books. Pretty quiet really. I needed to leave at 2:30 today to take my mom to an appointment, so I got out the computer cart and hooked it all up, turned off lights and shut doors. I left just the main computer on and the main lights for my aide to turn off when she left and put a sign on the door I'd be back in the morning!

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